Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain

Christy Doran: guitar & composition

Franco Fontanarrosa: bass & composition

Lukas Mantel: drums & composition

The trio explores new musical territories, pushing the limits of capabilities of the standard guitar trio playing composed and improvised music as a unity. SOUND FOUNTAIN has a huge amount of experience in many musical situations – each member of the band could easily play a solo concert – but prefere to play music with interaction and surprises – and risks. The three outstanding personalities with different musical backgrounds will have a great impact and together will gather an unimagined potential of creativity. Probably a lot of musical information; light and heavy grooves, spherical athmosphere’s, soaring melodies, abstract textures, – but the musical intensity will come from each musician and the trio will be more than the sum of the three individual parts: an energetic SOUND FOUNTAIN!



Lift The Bar, 2020

For The Kick of It, 2019

Undercurrent, 2017

Belle Epoque, 2016