— two titles of my new Sextet Album „Vardah“ will be released on 24.05.19 at Schaffhauser Jazzfestival, here you find some extracts and our new pictures by GM. Castelberg

— the 3rd release of the Yves Theiler Trio called „WE“ will be in spring 2019 on INTAKT Records, check our new studio video

— 3rd release of Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain named „For The Kick of It“ will be in may 2019 on Between the Line Records,  preview

— the duo record of  vocals/harp duo „Schwalbe&Elefant“ is now available on Wide Ear Records, featuring Tobias Meier, Silvan Jeger and LM on two tracks


5.2.19. Yves Theiler Trio, Ekkeharthof, Lengwil

7.2.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Bonaventura Club, Milano IT

8.2.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Musicamorfosi, Cantu IT

12.-18.2.19 Yves Theiler Trio feat. Shree Sundarkumar, India Tour | Udaipur Festival, INDIA

25.2.19 Eigenmann/Reuter/Girod/Mantel, Jazzclub Gambrinus, St. Gallen

27.2.19 Cazetta/Kohler/tba/Mantel, Kasheme, Zürich

5.4.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazzclub Weinfelden
9.4.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Moods Club, Zürich

12.4.19 Yves Theiler Trio, BEJazz Vidmarhallen, Bern

30.4.19 Christy Doran, 144 Strings for a Broken Chord, Stanser Musiktage, Stans

10.5.19 Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain, Le Singe, Biel/Bienne

17.5.19 Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain, Jazzclub Allmend, Oberengstringen

23.5.19 Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain, Jazzfestival Schaffhausen

24.5.19 Lukas Mantel Sextet, Jazzfestival Schaffhausen

22.6.19 Yves Theiler Trio & Uwe Steinmetz, „It’s Huldrych“,ref. Kirche, Dortmund DE

23.6.19 Yves Theiler Trio & Uwe Steinmetz, „It’s Huldrych“, ref. Kreuzkirche, Zürich

18.9.19 Yves Theiler Trio, WADIN Jazz, Theater Ticino, Wädenswil

19.9.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Birds Eye, Basel

20.9.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Altes Spital, Viechtach DE

21.9.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Ladenbergen, Bergen DE

3.10.19 Yves Theiler Trio & Uwe Steinmetz, „It’s Huldrych“, ref. Kirche, Erlenbach

27.11.19 Yves Theiler Trio, Seepark, Thun

25./26.9.2020 Lukas Mantel Sextet, Birds Eye, Basel



7.1.18 Ghost Town, Jazz im BeFlat, Progr Bern

25.1.18 Der Grosse Bär, Institut IOIC, Zürich

2.2.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Andelsbuch AT

3.2.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazzflag, Halle DE

5.2.18 Yves Theiler Trio, C Keller, Weimar DE

6.2.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Artist Homes, Berlin DE

7.2.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Horns Erben, Leizpig DE

18.2.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Klubkonzerte, Casineum Luzern

24.2.18 Ghost Town, Stadtkirche, Darmstadt DE

2.3.18 Buchers Organ Book, Moods Zürich

4.3.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Moods Zürich

7.3.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Festival Internacional de Jazz, Guatemala City, GTM

8.3.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Antigua, GTM

10.3.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Quetzaltenango, GTM

24.3.18 Buchers Organ Book, Jazz in Glarus, Kunsthaus, Glarus

29.3.18 Roberto Domeniconis  Grosser Bär, Institut IOIC, Zürich

5.4.18 Ghost Town, Haberhaus, Schaffhausen

6.4.18 Ghost Town, Kulturbrauerei, Kriens

9.4.18 Ghost Town, Hafenbahnhof, Hamburg DE

10.4.18 Ghost Town, Cafe Wagner, Jena DE

13.4.18 Ghost Town, Jazz im Refektorium, Rottweil DE

14.4.18 Ghost Town, Jazz im Bau4, Altbüron

19.4.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Jägermayrhof, Linz AT

20.4.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazz in Hallein AT

23.4-29.4.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Amman Jazz Festival, Amman, JOD

03.05.2018 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, , JZ Club, Shanghai CHN

04.05.2018 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, The Basement, Nanjing CHN

05.05.2018 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, On The Way Music House, Hefei  CHN

08.05.2018 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, JZ Club, Guangzhou CHN

09.05.2018 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, B10, Shenzhen CHN

10.05.2018 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Meeting Jazz Club, Xi’an CHN

11.05.2018 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, East Shore Jazz Cafe, Bejing CHN

31.5.18 Roberto Domeniconis  Grosser Bär, Institut IOIC, Zürich

2.6.18 Mantel/Rüegg/Iraragorri, Mehrspur ZHDK, Zürich

8.6.18 Ghost Town, Fassbeiz, Schaffhausen

9.6.18 Leprechaun, Jazz Fest Wiedikon, Zürich

16.8.18 Yves Theiler Trio, Bsinti, Braunwald

19.8.18 Ghost Town, Theaterspektakel Schaffhausen


winter 2017, Kolam Korvai, Pro Helvetia Studio Residency in Chennai, India

2.2.17  tré, Wadin Jazz, Wädenswil

9.2.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazz In Bess Lugano

10.2.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Literaturcafé Biel

11.2.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Kunstgesellschaft Davos

21.2.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Tuesday Jazz Solothurn

24.2.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Arosa Kultur

25.2.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazz In Olten

3.3.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazz Festival Wetzikon

26.3.17 Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, Sousol Luzern

2.4.17 Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, Schloss Warteck

8.3.17 Ghost Town, Esse Bar Winterthur

10.3.17 Ghost Town, Jazz Geht Baden

7.4.17 Ghost Town, Club Voltaire, Tübingen

9.4.17 Ghost Town, Renee, Basel

18.4.17 Schwalbe & Elefant, Moods Labor Zürich

19.4.17 Schwalbe & Elefant, Moods Labor Zürich

23.4.17 Jochen Baldes AIR, Moods Zürich

26.4.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazz im Seefeld, Zürich

5.5.17 Tomé Iliev, Villa Schneckenmann, Zürich

20.5.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Villa Streuli, Winterthur

26.5.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Postremise, Chur

27.5.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Cinema Sil Plaz, Ilanz

15.6.17 Yves Theiler Trio, JZ Club Guangzhou, CHN

16.6.17 Yves Theiler Trio, 16th Fanhouse Huizhou,CHN

17.6.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Lavo Jazz, Shenzhen, CHN

18.6.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Meeting Jazz Club Xi’an, CHN

19.6.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Jihangu Bar, Bejing, CHN

28.6.17 tré, Jazz im Seefeld, Zürich

30.6.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Atelier Stefan Keller, Oberrohrdorf

7.7.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Jazz Hotel Piz Linard, Lavin

20.&21.7.17 Buchers Organ Book, Festival da Jazz, St. Moritz

11.8.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Giardini Incantati, Poschiavo
31.8.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Esse Bar, Winterthur

7.9.17  Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, „European Jazz Legends“, Jazz in Gütersloh, DE

13.9.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Salotto, Zürich

14.9.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Bar 59, Lucerne

15.9.17 Ghost Town, Jazz in der Allmend, Oberengstringen

28.9.17 Roberto Domeniconis  Grosser Bär, Institut IOIC, Zürich

13.10.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Piano im Pool Festival, Neubad, Luzern

14.10.17 Mantel/Schilt/Pfister/Walser, Jazz in der Manegg, Zürich

20.10.17 Ghost Town, Le Singe, Biel/Bienne

23.10.17 Ghost Town, Moods Zürich

25.10.17 Ghost Town, Jazzkantine, Luzern

26.10.17 Ghost Town, K8, Konstanz DE

3.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Santa Fe, ARG

4.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Festival de Jazz, Santiago del Estero, ARG

5.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Workshop in Santiago del Estero,ARG

8.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, San Salvador de Jujuy, ARG

9.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Humahuaca Jazz, Humahuaca, ARG

10.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Jazz Festival Salta, ARG

11.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Jazz Festival Tucuman, ARG

12.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Workshop in Tucuman, ARG

16.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Jauss espacio de arte, Rafaela, ARG

17.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Teatro Pichincha, Rosario, ARG

18.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, El salon, Junin, ARG

19.11.17 Christy Dorans Sound Fountain, Festival de Jazz de Buenos Aires, ARG

25.11.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Zwickyfabrik, Fällanden

20.12.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Villa Schneckenmann, Zürich

23.12.17 Yves Theiler Trio, Cinema Sil Plaz, Illanz