Yves Theiler Trio

Yves Theiler:  piano

Luca Sisera: bass

Lukas Mantel: drums

«…Theiler’s Trio is not just another addition to the current piano trio boom. Rather, the group gives an idea of the range of opportunities that still exist in this seemingly long since maxed out format.»

Christoph Wagner, WOZ (CH)

The making of Dance in a Triangle

The muse knows no borders for Swiss pianist and composer Yves Theiler. While primarily focused on the jazz universe, the 30-year- old’s pieces seamlessly integrate minimalist and world music influences. They’re also infused with kinetic, playful energy and propulsive rhythms. Dance in a Triangle, recorded with his trio featuring bassist Luca Sisera and drummer Lukas Mantel, captures a depth of vision far beyond Theiler’s years. He sees his music  and in fact, all music as a way of connecting people and cultures that no other art form is capable of…….



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